The Life Of a High School Student


Who says that we students have an easy life? Doing all the things that we endure and do for at least three long years we would already be dying, but since we are well, cool! We even have time to browse YouTube, Twitter and Facebook posting and sharing troll things, making viral memes of opossums, dogs tired of life, penguins saying “a classic” and the mysterious response of Patrick Star which he knows, but never tells you. He is going to say.

For all this, we have created a unique and special section where you can laugh out loud about the hit of the moment in our high school and remove that stress that you carry inside. We will begin the section by talking about all the things that students run into when entering high school.

We are born, we grow up, we enter high school and our lives are completely transformed. 

Spending the semesters with perfect grades is impossible since teachers will sometimes (ALWAYS) get very strict since we have to deliver projects, homework, work, and much more. But you should always keep in mind that all this mentioned above will lead you to triumph and you will get that beautiful little piece of paper “The certificate”, but it depends on you who you want to be, the applied one who dominates all areas or is the lazy guy who barely knows in what day he lives, always in each room there are those who take the first option, which by the way are scarce and those who take the second option, but beyond dividing them into those two small groups, it can be classified at first glance to “THE TYPES OF STUDENTS”

-The Excused and no, it is not because he looks like a toilet, he is the one who always carries an excuse with him to tell the teacher and thus get rid of punishments, he uses phrases such as: “Professor I could not come because my fish died”, ” my dog ​​ate the homework “or” is that they robbed the truck where he came from “, for him; getting a grade above 6 is a true personal triumph. 

-One very curious is Halley’s Comet, its presence is an event that few have seen, every 76 years this phenomenon amazes the whole class and even the teacher with its assistance.

-The Relax, that 20 minutes before the next class asks for the homework, for this particular species the word TASK AND HOME are never related.

– “El judas” The one who for his own benefit can sacrifice the laziest around him when he likes it, is generally very loved by the teachers and as long as his grades are high, the rest is X for him, yes, to the end of the class your classmates will not hesitate to show you their disagreement

-The applied or nerd: For this unique species, answering the exams is as if it were to fill out the Facebook registration, they are so pro that they do it even with their eyes closed!

-The copycat: This comes equipped with new functions, such as turning the head 90 degrees, raising the gaze more than 30 centimeters, and X-ray vision, in addition to doing everything possible to copy the best in the class.

-The competitive one: Usually in the room, there are at least 5 specimens; He fights to the death to obtain the highest grade, he enjoys rubbing his grade in the face of his inferiors, for him, getting a 9 is the end of the world.

-The jester: This species in each show always seeks to give the best of himself, he goes to private classes where they teach him all the ways to mimic, answer and say funny at the most appropriate moment, there is no day that he does not make laugh the class, he is a great master of acting and there is no one who takes his place.

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