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Photo Booth Cincinnati

Wedding services locations

Premium Photo Booth Rentals in Cincinnati from Smiley Photo Booth. Weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, schools, corporate and private parties. Unlimited 4×6 prints. Large high performance photo booth experience. 

We have over 100 5 star reviews across all the wedding sites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, and My Wedding. We have many 5 star reviews on Facebook, Google. and Angies List. We have had an A rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2012. 

This is not the little photo booth from the mall that holds 2 people and prints 2×6 skinny strip photos for 1 person. If you think this skinny photo booth will serve your 300 guests at your wedding, you will be sadly disappointed.

Smiley photo booth is a real photo booth that can hold a small group and prints 4×6 photos for everyone. We have done events as large as 2000 guests, perfectly well. Do your research and you will see, we over deliver an incredible amount of value for a very reasonable price, in most cases less than the skinny booths!

With these credentials isn’t it obvious we are the right photo booth company for your special event?

We designed and built Smiley Photo booth from scratch in 2011 and have done over 600 events,taken 45,000 photos and printed 150,000 4×6 prints since that time. 

They are punctual, courteous professionals that know what to do and do it right every time. They also bring backup equipment to every event, just in case it’s needed. You are in very good hands with smiley photo booth and we hope you book us today

Thank you.


Lake Stevens Painter Offers Tips on Choosing a Paint

Drywall lift

Choosing Between Latex and Oil Based Paints

The paint world is divided into two broad groups: latex, or water based paints, and alkyd, or oil-based paints. (See “What’s in Paint,” below.)

Homeowners and professional painters like latex paint because it dries in just a few hours and cleanup is easy. Quick drying allows the application of two coats in one day. When the job is done, everything can be cleaned with soap and warm water. To clean up after painting with an oil based product you will need turpentine or mineral spirits.

Latex paint is environmentally friendlier than its oil based cousin. Unlike oil based paint, latex emits little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are restricted in many states. VOCs create ground level smog and can irritate the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Compared with oil based paint, latex paint is easier on the eyes, nose, lungs, and skin. It is also much more forgiving if you need to clean up a spill.

The Pros’ Choice.

In the past, many professional painters resisted using latex paint, especially on woodwork or any area that would be subjected to a lot of cleaning and scrubbing. Oil-based paint is more durable than latex paint, and it settles as it dries, meaning that it produces a smooth finish without visible brush strokes.

However, legislation to reduce VOCs has directed paint manufacturers to put research money into latex paints. This has resulted in improved products that provide attractive long lasting finishes. Today, many professional painters use oil based paint only to prime or recoat old oil based paint.

In the event you are applying two coats of paint, you have to wait at least overnight before recoating oil based paint. This can be inconvenient, especially if you can only work on weekends. If the first coat isn’t dry on Sunday, you’ll wind up waiting a week to finish the job.

Most municipalities have strict rules regarding the disposal of leftover oil based paints and the solvents needed to clean brushes and rollers, which means you may find yourself stuck with half empty containers. You could end up paying to dispose of excess paint products the same way you would pay to dispose of toxic waste.

Where to Use Them.

Don’t apply latex paint over old oil paint, unless you carefully sand or chemically de-gloss oil based surfaces before recoating in latex. On the other hand, it is perfectly fine to use an oil based primer under latex paint. Some painters do this routinely because oil primer soaks into unpainted surfaces, while latex does not.

What’s in Paint?

There are three main ingredients in paint: binders, solvents, and pigment. Some paints contain additional additives.


When paint dries it forms a film and that film is the part of the paint that hardens and is called the binder. Binders include such things as acrylics, polyurethanes, oils, and latex. For oil-based paints, alkyd, linseed oil, and tung oil are common binders. Styrene acrylic, acrylic (a clear plastic), or vinyl acrylic (PVA) are the binders in water based paints.


Solvents are the liquids that float the solid binders into place where they can cure or dry. Solvents evaporate at room temperature, which means they are “volatile.” Because they are compounds made from carbon atoms, they are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Oil-based paints use petrochemicals as solvents, whereas latex uses a water based emulsion.


The pigment determines the texture, color, and covering capabilities of the paint. You can judge the quality of the paint by the texture of the pigment. Try rubbing a small sample of the paint between your fingers. If it feels milky and silky smooth, then the pigments are ground finely and you have a good quality product. If the paint feels gritty, it contains a cheaper pigment.


Paint can have additional additives that enhance certain properties, such as flow, dry times, and thickness. Some of these products are available in small cans that you can add to the paint on your own.

Choosing a Sheen.

In addition to choosing the color and whether you want latex or oil based paint, you also need to choose the degree of sheen you want. The range runs from flat to gloss. Most sheens are available for both latex and oil-based formulations.

The degree of sheen is determined by the proportion of binder in the paint. The binder determines the degree to which the paint is absorbed into the painted surface and how much pigment is left to form a film on the surface. The more binder then the less the absorption and the glossier the paint.

Flat or Matte. 

A low gloss finish hides minor flaws in the surfaces you paint. Because the paint is slightly rough flat paints do not take scrubbing as well as glossier finishes. Scrubbing flat paint tends to spread out the dirt and leaving a larger dirty spot.

Eggshell and Satin. 

This is glossier than flat paint with slightly better abrasion resistance. Satin is glossier than eggshell.


Semigloss paints take scrubbing moderately well. They are available in latex or oil based.


This is the highest gloss classification. It is highest in binders and lowest in absorption. Gloss paints take scrubbing well and are easiest to clean. However, the glossier the paint the more it highlights any flaws on the surface.


Years ago, this term was synonymous with oil based paint. These days, it is a loose term that refers to the glossiness of paint. The term is reliable only in that you can be reasonably sure that a paint labeled “enamel” is a semigloss or gloss paint. One manufacturer’s enamel may be glossier than another’s.

To learn more about paint follow me at Blogger.

Quick & Dirty Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Search engine optimization

Getting your website to the top of the search engines is crucial for a thriving online business. Unfortunately, very few people really know how to do this and hiring a SEO Agency might not be in the budget. In this tutorial, you’ll get a “seo crash course” in what to do to get your website to rank high in the search results. We’ll cover all the basics in an easy to understand manner so you can apply what you learned right away.

search engine optimizationKeyword Research

Keywords are the words that your user types into Google to try and search for websites. What keywords do you want to rank highly for? It’s important to choose what keywords you want to rank for before you start optimizing your site.

See how much volume keywords get using the Google Keyword Tool.

Optimize Your Title Tag

The next step is to optimize the title tag on your website. The title tag goes between the head tags and looks like this:

Your Title Here

Make sure your main keyword appears once or twice in the title. If you have a secondary keyword, put both of them in the title. Don’t have any keyword more than twice.

Optimize Your Site

There are many other factors that are important for onsite optimization. Two of the big ones are your header tags and your keyword density.


for your headers. In between them, make sure you mention your keyword at least once.

Use your keyword often in your text, but don’t make it sound weird to do so.

These two factors have an influence on Google, but not nearly to the same degree as before simply because people abused the system.

Get Quality Backlinks

The next step is to get good backlinks from sites that are related to yours. There are many ways to do this. Here are some of them:

• Submit free press releases

• Offer to write articles for other sites in exchange for a back link

• Pay for it

• Submit your site to directories

• Link to them and ask them to link back

• Post comments on related blogs

• Etc

Be creative. Come up with ways to get back backlinks to your site.

Optimize Your Anchor Text

If you can, ask the website owners who’re linking to you to create their link with good anchor text. A good anchor text is a link that has your keyword in it, rather than just click here.

For example, if you’re selling woodworking workshops:

Bad: *Click Here* To learn About Woodworking Workshops

Good: Click This Link to *Learn About Woodworking Workshops*

Where ** = The Link Text

Wrapping it Up

If you select your keywords carefully, optimize your title, your h1 tags and your keyword density, get quality backlinks and optimize your anchor text, you’ll be far, far ahead of your competition. 

In fact, you now know more about how to get your website to rank well in the search engines than most webmasters on the internet. Now it’s time to put this knowledge to use and really see the results. What you learned here can literally double your business overnight.

Water Damage Restoration for Your Home or Business


After the fire trucks are gone, after the source of water is fixed or eliminated the real damage has only just begun. Without rapid response from trained water damage restoration professionals, both the scope and cost of a loss increases dramatically.

Flooded Basement Severe Water DamageRestoring your home after water damage is a frustrating experience. Fortunately, natural disasters don’t occur every day, and chances are you’ll never have to deal with water damage from rising water or flooding. However, plumbing leaks, pipe failure or drain overflows are all too common.

Dealing with water damage in your home may seem simple. Get a mop or wet vacuum, plug in a a few fans used to promote evaporation to dry it out. Most homeowners are not familiar with the steps and techniques for proper water damage restoration. That’s where the professionals come in.

A qualified, trained and experience at removing excess water and put everything in place to  promote efficient evaporation necessary to stop on-going damage, and restore your property to new, will save you a lot of time, pain and money.

Here is an overview of the water damage restoration process:

1. Assess and evaluate water damage cleanup

2. Contact insurance company if damage is covered

3. Begin water restoration service by wet floor extraction

4. Remove flooring if necessary or contaminated

5. Remove baseboard if necessary or contaminated

6. Ventilate wall cavities to dry, or remove if contaminated

7. Treat structure with an anti-microbial to inhibit mold growth

8. Set dehumidifiers and air movers to dry area and prevent mold

9. Monitor drying equipment daily to check progress

10. Remove equipment when dry

Water damage, water removal and the clean up that follows can be very quickly done and the cost associated with it is relatively low, when compared to the cost of mold remediation if the dry out is not taken care of properly. Water damage repair usually will involve carpet, baseboard, and sometimes drywall.

Whether it is residential water damage or commercial water damage, Advantage will be able to restore your property to a pre-loss condition faster than most water damage restoration companies. As a restoration company, we can assist you with all your damage restoration needs.

Call our professional water damage restoration

How to Get a Smokey Eye

Fragrances and Cosmetics

Do you want to apply makeup every day, or recive a boost from permanent makeup brows and eyeliner?

Eye Make Up

Feast your eyes on our eye-popping range of makeup for eyes. From mascara, eyeliner, fake lashes, eyeshadow palettes, glitter eye makeup to eyeshadow primers. Make an impact with voluminous lashes, perfect your brows and work that classic smokey eye – we have everything you need for beautiful eyes.

Your eye makeup speaks volumes about your style and when done right, it has the power to be immensely transformative. You don’t have to be a makeup pro or a beauty guru to achieve big, bold and gorgeous eyes. There are endless ways to do a bang-up job with your eyes and we have some of the best eye makeup looks lined up for you.

Soft Smokey Eye

This soft smokey eye look is great for evenings or night outs! It looks sultry and smoking hot. Also, this look is really simple to achieve. Pair it up with nude lips, and you will slay.

Use a primer and cover your eyelid with a nude eyeshadow. This way your makeup will stay put for longer.Line your upper and lower waterline with a black eyeliner pencil.With a flat brush, use the soft brown eyeshadow to cover up the upper eyelid and the area right under your lower lashline. Make sure you elongate the outer corners.Repeat the process using black eyeshadow and start at the outer corner.Blend well.Apply mascara to finish the look.


This is a great look for parties or other events. When you’re doing a smokey eye, make sure you use a concealer for your under eye circles to avoid raccoon-eyes. Also, take it easy with the lips and opt for subtle shades or a lip gloss.

Permanent Makeup Option

With permanent makeup, your eyebrows and eyeliner are already defined, ready for you to give them a boost with makeup or go au natural..









Choosing the right floor: tips and inspiration

Foundation repairs

Those looking for a new floor have a lot of choice and often ask themselves:

How do I choose the right floor?

From tiles to the ‘new laminate’ PVC floor and everything in between. Apart from selecting on taste, each floor has its own personal characteristics. But where can you best pay attention to when choosing the right floor? In this article several tips and advice at a glance.

Choose a floor based on the room

The choice of material is highly dependent on the space in which the floor is to be placed. In the living room, for example, many materials are possible, while in the kitchen and bathroom attention must be paid to the moisture resistance of the floor.

But times have changed; Where in the past it was mainly recommended to use tiles in damp rooms, there is now even laminate and there are wooden floors available which, possibly after impregnation, work well in the kitchen or bathroom. The best tip: keep practically thinking. High pile carpet under your office chair? That does not roll easily and attracts ugly stripes. Sin of your beautiful floor.

Floor selection based on the users

What is the lifestyle of the users? In a house with many children or pets a different choice will be made than in the home of an elderly couple or a business space. This is because the lifestyle has an impact on floor wear, how easy it is to clean and whether or not to reduce contact noise.

Features versus taste

It is important that you choose the floor that you like. A floor is a huge atmosphere in every room. The best advice is: choose the color with your heart, the material with your mind. Is there floor heating in the room? Do you want a soft, warm floor on the feet? Do you want to lay the floor yourself and how much time do you want to spend on maintenance? What is your budget?

Make a list for yourself that the floor must meet per room. This makes it easy to compare and select which floors are suitable and which floors you can streak away. Think of moisture resistance, sound-damping, maintenance, ease of laying, durability, environmental friendliness, appearance and ease of cleaning.

Visit –

What Are Affiliate Programs?


Essentially, partner systems, likewise named associate plans, are actually plans through which an on the web vendor Internet site pays out associate Website a percentage to deliver all of the website traffic. These associate Internet sites submit web links to the company web site and also are actually paid for depending on a specific arrangement. This arrangement is actually often based upon the number of individuals the partner delivers to the company’s internet site, or even the lot of individuals they deliver that get one thing or even do a few other activities. Some plans pay for depending on the number of individuals that go to the webpage including their business internet site’s banner ad. Primarily, if a web link on a partner web site delivers the vendor internet site web traffic or even funds, the seller web site spends the associate website depending on their deal. Enlisting associates is actually a superb method to offer items online, yet it can easily additionally be actually an inexpensive as well as efficient advertising and marketing technique; it is actually a great way to obtain words out regarding your internet site.

There are at least three parties in an affiliate program transaction:

  • The customer
  • The affiliate sites
  • The merchant sites

Over a recent handful of years, partner plans have actually developed substantially in appeal, taking a lot of intriguing types. For numerous Website that does not work a lot in marketing product and services internet on their own, performing as an associate is actually an excellent way to join e-commerce.


Affiliate Program Payment Arrangements

There are actually 3 general kinds of partner plan settlement plans:

Pay-per-sale (likewise referred to as cost-per-sale): A partner system is actually an instance of a pay-per-sale setup. In this particular agreement, the seller web site pays out a partner when the partner delivers all of them a client that acquires one thing. Some vendor Website, like, spend the associate a percent of the purchase as well as others pay out a predetermined volume every purchase.

Pay-per-click (cost-per-click): In these courses, the vendor internet site spends the partner based upon a lot of website visitors that click the web link ahead to the business’s internet site. They do not just get everything, as well as it matters not to the partner what a guest carries out the moment, he reaches the vendor’s internet site.

Pay-per-lead (cost-per-lead): Providers along with these plans spend their associates based upon the number of website visitors they recommend that join as tops. This merely suggests the site visitor completes some inquired at the seller website, which the vendor internet site might utilize as a purchases lead or even market to one more business as a purchases top.

There are actually a variety of various other plans too. Generally, a provider could possibly put together an associate course based upon any type of activity that would certainly gain all of them, and after that spend their associates based upon the variety of clients the associates deliver all of them that execute that activity.

There are actually a number of popular variants on these essential payment plans:

Two-tier plans: These partner courses possess a property identical to multilevel advertising institutions (additionally referred to as “internet marketing”) like Amway or even Avon, which benefit with compensation purchases as well as purchases employment. Aside from getting payments based upon purchases, clicks on or even leads originating from their personal website, partners in these systems likewise obtain a payment based upon the task of partner websites they pertain to the seller web site.

Residual Programs: Affiliates in these plans may maintain earning money off a website visitor they deliver to the website if the website visitor remains to obtain products or even solutions coming from the vendor internet site. Several online businesses that get normal settlements coming from their consumers (including month to month service charge) manage this form of associate course.

Also, there are actually a couple of pay-per-impression partner courses. Firms operating these courses, additionally named pay-per-view systems, spend associates located simply on the variety of website visitors that view their advertisement add. Often, this type of setup is actually certainly not structured as an associate plan, yet just as a conventional marketing plan. The benefit partner courses have more than typical advertising and marketing is actually that in a partner course, an on the web seller just spends its own associates when it obtains a preferred end result. Typical advertising and marketing, like the advertisements you view on TELEVISION as well as a considerable amount of the streamer advertisements on the web, is actually pretty high-risk for the marketer. They devote loan on marketing based upon an estimate of its own performance. When an add carries the provider even more amount of money than it invested in that advertisement, the add is actually effectiveness. If the firm earns less cash than it devoted, it needs to eat that reduction. Along with a partner system, an on the internet company merely spends its own partners when points are actually functioning. Considering that there is actually considered a lot less danger to the vendor, it is actually a great deal less complicated for Website to sign up with partner courses than it is actually for all of them to entice marketers.

Tips To Improving Your Online Sales With FaceBook Ads


Tips To Improving Your Online Sales With FaceBook Ads

Okay so we all know that one of the ways of getting more leads or sales is to use Google Adwords but I personally feel that it is too overhyped and not always the most economical solution, especially if what you have to offer requires more than a fleeting glance from the viewer. This is where Facebook wins the day with its more targeted advertisement system and the various ways it displays ads.

facebook-adsTo start with you have several options of ad placement. From placing right in the timeline on desktop and/or mobile view to side placement to the right feed. Then there is the blatant advertisement efforts that you can engage in using Instagram right from within Facebook ad manager. The placement possibilities are endless, likewise is the targeting possibilities!

Here are some tips to get you going and make your Facebook ad campaigns butter smooth.

Tip 1: Always use a grid when designing your ad image

Almost everyone first prepares the image with text they wish to advertise on Facebook only to later realize that Facebook has strict regulations as to how much text an image can have, which by the way includes the text used in your logo!

To circumvent this, start by using a 5×5 grid to prepare your image. Break your canvas down to a 5×5 grid and then ensure that total text does not cover more than 5 of the boxes. This is a sure way to ensure acceptance by FB ad manager.

Tip 2: Be Specific With Your Audience Selection

More often than not, newcomers in their zeal to improve impressions expand their target location and do not bother to narrow it down enough. Problem is that if you aren’t highly specific with the interest, radius and other settings then those who do see your paid advertisement may not feel inclined enough to click or interact with it.

Oh! And before I forget always choose “those who live in this location” instead of “those from this location”. It drastically alters the end result as you really want anyone residing in a particular location to interact with your ads.

Tip 3: A/B Testing

Always run two to three simultaneous ads, with different images or target audience and other settings to find out which ones are converting better. This will allow you to reduce the overall costs in the long run. Yes, initially this approach can cost you three times but overall, it does remove a lot of overheads.