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Welcome to MarkBox, those who are aware of what MarkBox was previously, sorry to say this is not a rerun of the previous existence as a lightweight Markdown on Dropbox blog publishing platform. On the bright side of things, no platform equals no publishing or sign-up cost. LOL

I held on to MarkBox.io with the hopes of one day reigniting the same concept but only better. Unfortunately, time with family and my profession has not allowed me to do the same. So instead, I have decided to divert my attention towards making this a one-stop place for all things net related. From start-up ideas that anyone can do to ways of making thousands online – you name it and I speak on it.

What Was MarkBox?

Markbox was a mechanism of converting your gigabytes of Dropbox space into a server on its own that you can then access using various devices thus making a virtual website of sorts. The blog posts were all written in Markdown, which is a text-to-HTML conversion tool (as suggested by John Gruber).

What Is It Now?

Now, it is just a plain and simple blog to keep the name alive and offer others an insight into my journey to start-up and back to bust again so that you may have a better chance at doing the same.

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