Water Damage Restoration for Your Home or Business

After the fire trucks are gone, after the source of water is fixed or eliminated the real damage has only just begun. Without rapid response from trained water damage restoration professionals, both the scope and cost of a loss increases dramatically.

Flooded Basement Severe Water DamageRestoring your home after water damage is a frustrating experience. Fortunately, natural disasters don’t occur every day, and chances are you’ll never have to deal with water damage from rising water or flooding. However, plumbing leaks, pipe failure or drain overflows are all too common.

Dealing with water damage in your home may seem simple. Get a mop or wet vacuum, plug in a a few fans used to promote evaporation to dry it out. Most homeowners are not familiar with the steps and techniques for proper water damage restoration. That’s where the professionals come in.

A qualified, trained and experience at removing excess water and put everything in place to  promote efficient evaporation necessary to stop on-going damage, and restore your property to new, will save you a lot of time, pain and money.

Here is an overview of the water damage restoration process:

1. Assess and evaluate water damage cleanup

2. Contact insurance company if damage is covered

3. Begin water restoration service by wet floor extraction

4. Remove flooring if necessary or contaminated

5. Remove baseboard if necessary or contaminated

6. Ventilate wall cavities to dry, or remove if contaminated

7. Treat structure with an anti-microbial to inhibit mold growth

8. Set dehumidifiers and air movers to dry area and prevent mold

9. Monitor drying equipment daily to check progress

10. Remove equipment when dry

Water damage, water removal and the clean up that follows can be very quickly done and the cost associated with it is relatively low, when compared to the cost of mold remediation if the dry out is not taken care of properly. Water damage repair usually will involve carpet, baseboard, and sometimes drywall.

Whether it is residential water damage or commercial water damage, Advantage will be able to restore your property to a pre-loss condition faster than most water damage restoration companies. As a restoration company, we can assist you with all your damage restoration needs.

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