How Does The Capricorn Arrange His Wedding?

How does the Capricorn arrange his wedding?

Traditional wedding 

A Capricorn typically opts for a traditional wedding. This can be a little more complex, after all, you don’t get married every day. But it shouldn’t be too exuberant. In return, very harmonious and coherent, the Capricorn attaches great importance to this. 

The hen party is canceled 

He likes to skip the hen party, it’s just too loud for him. A bachelorette party in a small group is more to his taste. Women probably go out to dinner with their best friends and chat about their past together. Men might even opt for the classic with a stripper. 

Chic and stylish 

The celebration itself is elegant and stylish: he in a suit, she in a wedding dress or elegant costume, a bouquet of balloons at the registry office, flower children in the church – just as the custom requires. According to established tradition, the wedding cake is cut in the early afternoon. Background music plays softly with coffee and cake and in the evening, after various regional delicacies and high-quality wines, people are asked to dance. 

Celebration in the closest circle 

If you are looking for a hustle and bustle, you are wrong at a Capricorn wedding. There won’t be too many games here either. The Capricorn is not a fan of surprises. He prefers to know exactly what is in store for him, and that is what his guests respect. Anyway, the festival takes place on a small scale. Only the closest friends and relatives come. A Capricorn concentrates on the essentials. 

A little luxury is allowed 

You also notice that on your honeymoon. Even if the ibex is by nature rather frugal: There is no stingy here. It can be a more expensive but really good hotel. Maybe it’s a classic trip to Mauritius, the dream destination of many newly married couples. Florida should also appeal to the Capricorn. 

Timeless gifts 

As far as the wedding present is concerned, it is best to come up with something timeless and at the same time practical for the Capricorn: perhaps a particularly high-quality porcelain service or a marble table on which the remaining gifts can be placed.

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