Choosing the right floor: tips and inspiration

Those looking for a new floor have a lot of choice and often ask themselves:

How do I choose the right floor?

From tiles to the ‘new laminate’ PVC floor and everything in between. Apart from selecting on taste, each floor has its own personal characteristics. But where can you best pay attention to when choosing the right floor? In this article several tips and advice at a glance.

Choose a floor based on the room

The choice of material is highly dependent on the space in which the floor is to be placed. In the living room, for example, many materials are possible, while in the kitchen and bathroom attention must be paid to the moisture resistance of the floor.

But times have changed; Where in the past it was mainly recommended to use tiles in damp rooms, there is now even laminate and there are wooden floors available which, possibly after impregnation, work well in the kitchen or bathroom. The best tip: keep practically thinking. High pile carpet under your office chair? That does not roll easily and attracts ugly stripes. Sin of your beautiful floor.

Floor selection based on the users

What is the lifestyle of the users? In a house with many children or pets a different choice will be made than in the home of an elderly couple or a business space. This is because the lifestyle has an impact on floor wear, how easy it is to clean and whether or not to reduce contact noise.

Features versus taste

It is important that you choose the floor that you like. A floor is a huge atmosphere in every room. The best advice is: choose the color with your heart, the material with your mind. Is there floor heating in the room? Do you want a soft, warm floor on the feet? Do you want to lay the floor yourself and how much time do you want to spend on maintenance? What is your budget?

Make a list for yourself that the floor must meet per room. This makes it easy to compare and select which floors are suitable and which floors you can streak away. Think of moisture resistance, sound-damping, maintenance, ease of laying, durability, environmental friendliness, appearance and ease of cleaning.

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